She was born in Borebi, in the State of São Paulo, daughter of José Augusto Pacheco and Antonia Delgado Pacheco. She has three children. She lives in São Paulo Brazil.

She was initiated in fine arts in the City of São Paulo, where she was introduced by Marília Fairbanks Maciel, and with her early oil paintings of flowers and landscapes she already participated in several collective and individual exhibitions, and received many diplomas and highlight certificates.

She assimilated several cultures by living with her family for twenty years in Glasgow, a very traditional Scottish city.

Always present in art galleries, she participated in countless exhibitions, and through this interesting networking, she developed even more of her artistic gift, capturing, in the art expresses, moments that she experience she spent in Dubai when visiting her daughter.

With a huge diversity of materials and predominance of the pointillism technique, her acrylic and oil paints are rich in details and present a great diversity of themes: landscapes, animals, portraits and social subjects.

In Dubai along with the "Dubai Ladies Club", she kept enhancing more and more her several techniques, teaching courses for ladies of several countries and cultures, and with the Master and prestige courses, her works started being appreciated by the local international collectors, who are sophisticated and demanding, with a look towards their own uses. She graduated in Interior Design and Decoration by the Regent Academy of Fine Arts (London- England) in the 80's .

Among the national and international exhibition in which she participated, we highlight: Le Leiu Restaurant (Morumbi, São Paulo); Golden Tulip Hotel- Ghantoot (between Abu Dhabi and Arab Emirates); Robertson Insurance Company Partner (Glasgrow- Scotland); Art Women Club Gallery; Mary Hill Gallery

Her works are spread in collections around the world, in countries such as Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Scotland, Arab Emirates, England and Brazil.

- "Tofu Mulher Excelência" (Excellence Women Award) from the Brazilian Academy of Arts, Culture and History;
- "Troféu Mulher Jóia Rara" (Rare Jewel Women Award), promoted by the "Em Destak" television show.
Recognized in Brazil, she was invited to participated in the book "Nós Mulheres, volume V" (We, Women , volume V).

She also received, from the Brazilian Academy of Arts, Culture and History, the "Diploma Destaque Histórico e Cultural"(Historial and Cultural Hightlight Diploma); Collective exhibition at the Clun Paineiras do Morumbi; São Paulo Jockey Club; the Army's History Museum- Copacabana Fort; III National Fine Arts Festival; Diploma Destaque e Mérito Feminino (Female Highlight and Merits Diploma); Diploma "Amigos para Sempre" ("Friends Forever" Diploma). She is the member of the Latin American Arts Academy, and participated, in 2008, in the Clothing Donation Campaign of the Government of the State of São Paulo, through a partnership between the Civil Defense and the Brazilian Academy of Arts, Culture and History.

Painting and exploring different technique are her hobby and her passion.

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